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Hands-On HealthCare, Inc.

Physical Therapist - Myofascial Release

Book Your Appointment (717) 332-4377


Hands on HealthCare, Inc. is dedicated to helping clients achieve a higher level of physical, emotional and spiritual health.

With her strong credentials and practice experience as a physical therapist and pain management specialist, owner Cindy Bowman treats all Hands on HealthCare patients by focusing on their unique needs. Her direct focus on the individual and her ability to customize treatments for optimal results has made her a sought-after practitioner in the York, PA area.

As a runner in high school, Cindy developed an early interest in how the body works and responds to exercise – which naturally led her to a career in physical therapy. Her educational foundation is a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Therapy from Ithaca College - and she has built and expanded her skills and knowledge throughout her career.

Cindy's experience and education in treating patients as well as her own life experiences have fueled her understanding of how the mind, body and emotions are interrelated. She has extensive training in Myofascial Release and continues to advance those skills. She is a Myofascial Release study group leader and an expert level practitioner using Myofascial Release with great success for 30 years. She has also studied therapeutic touch and Dahn Yoga which have aided in her knowledge of the energetic aspects of our being.

In her free time, Cindy enjoys exercising, nature and self- growth activities. She also has two children who keep her very active and busy!

You can reach us at:

Cindy Bowman - Hands-On HealthCare, Inc.
3440 Kingston Road
York, PA 17402
Office Fax: (717) 840-1787

Phone: (717) 332-4377

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Cindy Bowman, owner and Physical Therapist, customizes treatment to target your individual pain, discomfort,and mobility issues. She specializes in and is an expert practitioner of MYOFASCIAL RELEASE THERAPY (MFR).


MYOFASCIAL RELEASE THERAPY (MFR) is a non-invasive, whole body, hands-on method for evaluating and treating conditions. MFR’s basic principle is to eliminate restrictions within the body’s fascial system. Fascia is a tough connective tissue that spreads throughout the body in a three-dimensional web from head to foot. The fascial system surrounds and interconnects with every muscle, bone, blood vessel and organ – all the way to the cellular level. Trauma, poor posture or inflammation can create a binding down of fascia - causing excess pressure on nerves, muscles, blood vessels, bones and organs. Because fascial restrictions do not show up on standard medical tests like X-ray, MRI or CAT scans, it is likely that many people suffering from pain and lack of motion might have underlying, undiagnosed fascial problems.

With MFR, Cindy applies gentle, sustained pressure into fascial restrictions to elongate the tissue and improve the natural healing responses within your body. The results? Less pain and more flexibility. MFR is safe and known for producing positive and lasting results.

Book an appointment!

Hands-On HealthCare, Inc.
3440 Kingston Road
York, PA 17402
Office Fax: (717) 840-1787

Phone: (717) 332-4377



Patients of all ages – adults, children, and mature adults – can find MFR effective for a wide variety of symptoms and conditions.*

Back pain | Neck pain | Headaches | Migraines | Chronic pain (Fibromyalgia) | Carpal tunnel | TMJ | Sports-related & soft tissue injuries | Pelvic & menstrual problems | Urinary leakage & frequency issues | Infertility | Restricted range of motion | Scoliosis

Stop suffering! Call or Email Us today to learn how Myofascial Release can make a positive difference in your level of wellness.

Important Tip! Accept no imitations. Some pain management and physical therapy practices will confuse MFR with deep tissue massage or rolfing – two techniques that are in stark contrast with the mild and non-invasive MFR approach that renowned Physical Therapist John F. Barnes developed and perfected through years of treating patients.

*By law, we may not treat patients for longer than 30 days without a prescription from a physician. Learn more in our Appointment FAQ section.



A typical session lasts approximately 60 minutes.


Sessions include a postural evaluation and Myofascial Release. Depending on your needs, Cindy might also integrate stretching and range of motion exercises to help you improve mobility, flexibility, and function. Cindy will also advise you of self-care and stretching techniques to empower you to maintain a higher level of wellness on your own.


To comply with Pennsylvania law, we may not treat you for more than a 30-day period without a prescription from your doctor. We accept prescriptions from medical and osteopathic physicians, podiatrists and dentists. At this time, PA State does not recognize prescriptions from chiropractors.


Payment is expected at the time of service. We are participating with Medicare, Blue Cross, Blue Shield. We also accept auto and workman's comp. If you have another insurance provider, we’ll assist with proper documentation so you can seek reimbursement.



Please print and complete the following PATIENT FORMS, and bring them with you to your first appointment:

Patient Information Intake Form - All patients will need to download and bring to your appointment, even those with claims through Workers’ Compensation or their Auto Insurance need to do the same..

Body Diagram - All patients must download and bring to your next appointment.

Subjective Evaluation Form - Download form and bring to your first appointment.

Cancellation Policy Form - Download form

Please review the HIPPA Notice. Then print and complete the HIPPA Acknowledgement Form and bring them with you to your first appointment.

HIPPA Notice - WORD Document

HIPPA Notice - PDF Form


Hands on HealthCare delivers POSITIVE RESULTS! Read what our patients are saying about us…

"In my quest to educate myself about this syndrome (fibromyalgia) and any possible treatments I have tried many things. What I have found that benefits me most is Myofascial Release." ? Sherry K.

"Seven years ago I had my right knee replaced. Nothing we did got me past 75 degrees and they finally gave up. Then I met Cindy and she said she could help. I went to her 3 times a week for 2 months and she took me from 75 degrees to 95 degrees. Now I can do steps one after the other and many things are easier.

Isn’t that great?!" - Ruth H.

"Treating for left heel pain since Oct. 1997. I tried new shoes, shoe inserts, cortisone injections twice and had ESWT. They helped some, but I still had pain. Then Cindy treated me and now I no longer have pain." ? Sue W.

"I would wake up at night with terrible tingling and numbness in both hands. My doctor told me I needed to have carpal tunnel surgery on both hands. I went to Cindy first and she was able to get rid of all the numbness and tingling. I never had surgery and I have been symptom free for 10 years now." ? Robert B.


Empowering you to take action in your own wellness journey is important to us. Check out these informative and insightful resources – learn and live better!

John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach – Get detailed information about this effective, yet non-invasive hands on technique.

Move Forward - Physical Therapy Brings Motion to Life – Brought to you by the American Physical Therapy Association, Move Forward gives patients a wealth of information about injury prevention, self-care, and the benefits of physical therapy.

You can reach us at:

Hands-On HealthCare, Inc.
3440 Kingston Road
York, PA 17402
Office Fax: (717) 840-1787

Phone: (717) 332-4377